curing damp problems

Solve your DAMP PROBLEMS with the Schrijver System

curing damp problems

Blow your DAMP PROBLEMS away with the Schrijver System

Does your wall have these symptoms?

Damp Problems are a very common problem in UK houses. Over 24% of houses in the UK have serious problems due to damp. Excessive damp is usually casued by rising damp, condensation and penetration of rain water. Damp problems work to slowly destroy homes, both externally and internally. They cause musty, mildewy odors, and the moisture retention within exterior walls send electric bills through the roof while creating a bacteria and fungus-loving environment where rot and decay run rampant. These problems can put you at a serious health risk while deteriorating your home.

Left untreated damp can cause structural problems to your home
can have adverse effects on your health and can make your home difficult to sell or remortgage.

The Schrijver System solves your damp problems cost effective, carefree and clean:

Patented System 1976 in Holland, Second generation introduced 1997 in UK

damp problems in the house

Successfully installed in over 10000 UK properties over the last 15 year.

damp problems in houses

Accepted by all banks and building socie-ties for mortgage applications.

damp problems solution

Used by councils and housing trust across the UK.

damp problems

Eco frendly and healthy, no chemicals are involved.

solving damp problems

The Damp Problems Solution

How it works

The system helps control problems caused by damp walls and damp cellars, rising damp, mold and mildew and damp or mouldy smells.

By using specially designed and patented bricks fitted into the outside wall, air is allowed to flow into the air chambers of the system and out again. On its way through the inside of the wall, this airflow causes moisture to evaporate, therefore dries out the wall and solves all damp problems of your building.

  • Suitable for all walls no matter if cavity, solid, brick or stone walls.
  • Unlike chemical damp proof courses, which break down and need redoing every number of years, the Schrijver System is a permanent solution. That’s why we give a 30 years guarantee.
  • Installation is quick, hassle free and done by qualified professionals. There is no need to move furniture or go to the expense or inconvenience of replastering and redecorating. In fact it is installed from the outside of the external walls.
  • Environmentally friendly. Our system is completely different from the other methods as it doesn´t use chemical injections or waterproof coatings. Because of its easy installation and durability it’s also the most economic way to solve your damp problems.

We are happy to serve you and solve your DAMP PROBLEMS.

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The award-winning Schrijver System is a sustainable, affordable, environmentally friendly damp eliminating system that far surpasses its competitors. 15 years of satisfied customers are the proof of a quality service. All installations are done by trained and experienced staff with bespoke tools. We never use subcontractors.

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The Schrijver System removed the mould problem in my home. Since installation, I’ve seen a marked improvement in my health because of a better indoor climate!

rising damp problems

I would thoroughly recommend this system to anyone! It’s ideal for the damp conditions that prevail in this climate and works wonderfully without requiring any maintenance. I’m saving loads of money on my heating bills. Installation was so effortless and fast.


Damp problems work to slowly destroy homes, both externally and internally. They cause musty, mildewy odors and the moisture retention within exterior walls makes it difficult to execute home repairs and updates. Humidity due to damp problems has been known to send electric bills through the roof while creating a bacteria and fungus-loving environment where rot and decay run rampant. These problems can put you at a serious health risk while deteriorating your home.

The Dangers of Damp

Damp is the result of uninvited condensation and moisture seeping through the structural element of your home, and it’s an issue that can cause a whole host of structural, health, and even financial difficulties if left untreated. Leaks and rainwater seepage contribute to the slow creeping of water up previously dry walls, which leads to crumbling mortar, unsightly, difficult-to-diminish stains, peeling plaster and wallpaper, and rusted joints and fasteners. Structural deterioration of this nature is costly to repair while making for unsafe living conditions.

But there’s an even bigger danger associated with damp, and that’s the mould, mildew and harmful bacteria that’s encouraged to grow and spread rapidly within a humid environment. Increased mould concentrations within a building’s interior quickly lead to poor respiratory health and contribute to a wide range of serious medical conditions once inhaled. Are you afraid you might be putting your family at risk because of your home’s damp problems?

Who Does Damp Effect?

It’s a growing issue that over 24 percent of homeowners in the UK suffer from, and unfortunately, many have been denied access to home refinancing options and have even been forced to vacate their homes because of it. What if you didn’t have to be a victim of damp? Thanks to the highly effective, affordable Dutch Schrijver System, you don’t have to.

Damp Problem Solutions

There are plenty of damp prevention tools and methodologies on the market, but many of them don’t provide permanent solutions and require regular replacement that leads to growing frustration and additional costs. Chemical damp proof courses release harmful toxins into the air that are unsafe for the environment. These toxin-ridden injections and waterproof coatings surround your home’s exterior and also linger in the air inside of your home.

The patented Schrijver System is eco-friendly, safe for you and your family, and presents an affordable, one-step solution to all of your damp problems. Easy-to-install, durable bricks don’t contain harsh chemicals and provide permanent benefits for a maximum return on your investment. Each scientifically-proven brick contains a specialized air chamber that works naturally to allow airflow. Humid air is pushed out before being given the chance to settle as condensation, completely eradicating your home of existing damp while preventing future problems.

Schrijver System Benefits

Ready to cut home repair costs dramatically, improve you and your family’s life and longevity, and restore your home to a state that’s like new?

We are a team of dedicated, skilled installation professionals and we’ve successfully installed the Schrijver System in thousands of homes across the UK. To the delight of our customers, which include housing trusts, councils and personal homeowners, we provide hassle-free installation involving no mess, no interior rearranging, no repainting or plastering, and no re-installation once the system is in place. Breathe easy with a 30-year guarantee while practically reversing the damaging effects done to your home by damp. The Schrijver System is applicable to all structures, whether new or old, insulated or non-insulated. What’s more is that this patented system is accepted amongst all major banks and building societies for mortgage applications, so you’ll no longer have to fear losing money on your biggest investment.